SCANDAL - European Fashion Line Opens New Locations in the Fashion District

European-inspired clothing line Corrida, recently expanded from one store to four locations in the Fashion District. The family run business was based in Paris for 20 years before they relocated to Downtown Los Angeles two years ago, to be closer to their manufacturers. Though they also manufacture in France and Tunisia. The family does all of the designing themselves, and travels to their homeland, France, every two to three weeks to stay up to date on the latest European fashions. (The designed studio is housed above their showroom on Pico  Boulevard.)

The expansion to three new locations comes on the heels of the opening of their new retail store "SCANDAL", and extension of the Corrida line. Located at 1250 S. Santee St. and 934 S. Los Angeles, St. SCANDAL carries fun, sexy pieces as well as some staples from the Corrida collection. You can see some of the styles available below and on their Facebook page. They also have gorgeous photos on Instagram.

If you're looking for unique, stylish, and well made pieces, we highly recommend you stop by!

We're completely in lust with these jackets (available at the Corrida locations). They're so beautifully tailored! A little bird told us there's new colors coming for Spring. We are VERY excited.

A couple more photos from the Corrida showroom...

Corrida Showroom
916 S. Los Angeles St. #2
(213) 623-0080
221-223 E. Pico Blvd.
(213) 745 -8762
Retail and wholesale.


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